Devilwrites (devilwrites) wrote in csi__challenge,

Episode 1.04 Challenge

Did anyone ever post any pretties for the Episodes 1.04 challenge? I don't recall seeing any, and that makes me sad. I thought CSI had a bigger fandom following on LJ... :-/

Maybe people are still recovering from the holidays?
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Yes, and also so many lims entries, and operation_alias preparation. Cos I'm capping everything in order to make icons/fan art when it's due :(
Also, my comp doesn't like photobucket or image hosting places, so I get my caps in zips, and I couldn't find any zips for this.
I really wanted to participate, but I haven't had any time.
It's okay. :) Fandom can be a very consuming thing, and it's easy to forget and/or not have time for all of the challenges. You just have to pick out the ones you like best!
Ahh...I knew there was something I forgot.

*hangs head* Poo.
I've been meaning to get around to it. I've got a couple icons done. I'll see what I can do.